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ME DONE WITH GETTING SLAYED BY SHINee lmao just body rolling away. can we talk about CHOCOLATE, SAVIOR, & HOLD YOU? like yassss.
KOREAN MODEL • Seon Hwang, Jung Ho Yeon by Yoo Young Jun for Ceci...
MINHOOOO being flaming charisma lmao those winks.
1,000,000 woaaaaaaaaah lol
IM BAAAAAACKKKKKK WITH THE SQUAD. LMAO no but for real a break was needed, now I feel awake LMAO
now it's the SMILE continued Ft. THE FELLAS IN THE BACK
the jump continued lmao & that smile Key. sir. FT. THE FELLAS IN THE BACK
this mv was everything & more lol Min-ho Ft. Key
wat. okay. slay. Min-ho Ft. Key
GET SLAYED again by Min-ho Ft. Key lol
so basically fell back to sleep after watching this lmao, woke up and were about to get GET SLAYED by Min-ho Ft. Key lol
Min-ho slaying with the clap lol Part 2 to the first one.
slay dibidibidibi Min-ho lol
the SQUAD will be assembled. lmao bruh The MV was everything. yasss
GET SLAYED by all lol