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Paper bead necklace
dark bottles <3
Paper beads jewellery
Home made jewellery upcycled second hand black jeans cut into shapes added faux leather detail with silver stud detail by RockingDaisyElaine
Beautiful bracelets
How it's made
£15 Cute pendant visit my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree for more :)
£15 email me for purchase info sarahharpley@gmail.com
Dr seuss quote pendant £15 email me sarahharpley@gmail.com if interested :)
Like what you see? Visit my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree !
Rings £2 I have more on my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree or for purchase information email me sarahharpley@gmail.com
Me selling jewellery at Dalton Park yesterday :)
Closer shot of £5 and under case, to see more visit my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree and email me for purchase information sarahharpley@gmail.com
Teacup candles £10 each come with a different scent, visit my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree for more.
All earings £5 and under look on my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree for more. Email me Sarahharpley@gmail.com for purchase information.
Quote pendants £14 all handmade and come in a handmade box, I do custom necklaces too. Email me sarahharpley@gmail.com for purchase information.
Howlite bracelets £4.00  I have many more pictures and prices of frames and bracelets on my Facebook under_the_lemon_tree or you can have a look at my instagram under_the_lemon_tree .
Another retro frame for £12.50 if you would like to purchase email me   sarahharpley@gmail.com
Retro Frame only £9.50 x