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Un genio!!
Bucket list
My hairstyles :D
Get yourself a stray dog.
Homeless & Hippie having fun
Bees have a living also.
Slowly Sparkle╞
Necesitamos tu ayudar,  la gente que perdió todo te necesita por favor AYUDAR URGENTE necesitamos alimentos  ,  frazadas,  útiles de aseo y no olvidar albergue para los animales GRACIAS
πορεύομαι ανάμεσα σε μαχητές εναπομείναντες της πόλης ήρωες αφανείς, κουρέλια στο μυαλό μου κυβερνάει η απογοήτευση κι η τρέλα...
Time is money
How To Become Homeless
Would you?
sad but true
If this poster were a homeless youth, most people wouldn't even bother to look down! | via Tumblr
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