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By me | http://weheartit.com/nvnyn
Dylan 💙
"Click"  | via Tumblr
I miss him
ThereAreMillionsWho 💖Him
Wishful thinking..
Thank you Connor! F*cking love u. http://sluttytroye.tumblr.com
Connor, for the last 2 years you have made me laugh. You helped me so much and I can't thank you enough. Sure, I'm sad that you won't be making videos for O2L anymore, but it is a new chapter, and you deserve nothing less than our love and support. You ma
I wasn't there.
I want to
I cant wait to leave its so hard to be so close to you all the time
Then you smiled ... ❤️
I keep thinking of only one person.
Jack dail 😍
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