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Small Dhikr with Great Reward🌟
Allah increases their Honour 💖
Dua 4 d one servin water 🍹
Be considerate 😌
Special Hour when the gates of Heaven are open🌟
Maintain ties with Allah Swt 💞
Ruling on Socks
Dua is Ibadah 🌹
Choose your friends wisely 💞
Have Proper Graves..
Minbar of Noor 🌟
Instructions of the Prophet (ﷺ)
Barakah in Sharing 💞
Sujood 4 Shukr 😊
Expiation of Sins 😔
Love 💞
💖 Hearts like Birds🐦
The Martyrs will have the best Houses 🏡
Visiting the #Prophet (ﷺ) Rawdhah - Lets follow his (ﷺ) instructions.