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Hijikata Toshizo, Sannan Keisuke
Hakuouki SSL
Hakuouki - Male Characters
Credit to Hoshiitsuki on tumblr ♡
Hijikate Toshizo - 12th CG
I don’t think I need to say anything here. :3
Hijikata Toshizo - 12th CG
Hijikata is happy to see Chizuru again. After being separated from her for a month he realizes how important she is to him, so he instantly pulls her into bear hug. :3
  Hijikata - 11th CG
After fierce fight against furries, Heisuke and Sannan had used up all of their life force and … well, you see what happened to them. I cried here just as much when Mufasa died in Lion King.
  Hijikata Toshizo - 10th CG
Hijikata is working although he still hasn’t fully recovered from that crazy attack he made on enemy’s castle.
  Hijikata Toshizo - 9th CG
Hijikata after Kondo-san gave himself in to enemies and got his head cut off. Obviously, Hijikata is devastated and blames himself for what happened.
  Hijikata Toshizo - 8th CG
Chizuru offers Hijikata blood on many occassions. There were two more CGs, but they just changed place so I just kept these two.
Hijikata vs. Kazama
Hijikata Toshizo - 1st CG
Chizuru meets Hijikata after Souji and Hajime got rid of furries (After year I still don’t understand why they are furries in English). Hijikata warns her that if she tries to run he will cut her down. Luckily that won’t be a pro
Hijikata Toshizo - 2nd CG
Hijikata’s first clash with Kazama Chikage. They already hate each other.
Hijikata Toshizo - 3rd CG
I swear this smile can melt any heart. Who would have thought that devil of Shinsengumi could show just gentle smile. 
Hijikate Toshizo - 4th CG
Kazama waltzes in Shinsengumi headquarters and wants to take Chizuru with him, but Hijikata protects Chizuru (although did cost him death of some soldiers).
Hijikata Toshizo - 5th CG
Chizuru begs Hijikata to let him accept her as his attendant. (I think, Im really not sure, I played this game more than half a year ago).
Hijikata Toshizo - 6th CG
Hijikata drinks the water of life and becomes a furry in order to be able fight Kazama on equal level.
Hijikate Toshizo - 7th CG
Hijikata and Chizuru make warriors promise that they will definitely survive and meet again.
Hijikata *3* ♡