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I need to stop, my feeling for this fluffy man are killing me.
Hetalia going home club
deviantART: More Like Hetalia: The Beautiful World Wall by ~Kuro21BlackHawk
deviantART: More Like Hetalia Season 5 Prussia motivational poster by ~Z0MGedELR1C
Dance My Bitchies!♥
homo countries
girl do you have 11 protons cuz ur sodium fine
//patience is a virtue.
once more unto the breach...
Hetalia: The Beautiful World (SUB) - 1 - Episode 1 - YouTube
once more unto the breach...
Land of Oceans and Stars
A Simple Canadian, Cutie patooties~! <3 ...
mikmik121 - Hetalia Season 5 Episode 1 Preview - Part 2 Part...
Hidey Hole, I had to contribute.