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Healthy lemon slice. Recipe on my  instagram :)
tofu tostadas
Delicious home made pizza
Vegan Pesto Pizza
Sweet corn, zucchini and fresh mozzarella pizza
Funny, let's start :D!
healthy lunch box - Polyvore
banana bread homemade
Sablés vegan et sans sucre à la banane - Coffee
Made my self a smoothie bowl for breakfast :)
Delicious breakfast
a Love a fare -Crunchy Red Quinoa and Hummus Bowl
"Pizzaubergine" : L'aubergine façon pizza low carb
Healthy dinner: zuchini pasta chicken stir fry with apple and grilled haloumi :) yum!
Plate of Joy: Hand pies - ciasteczka z ciasta kruchego z sezonowymi owocami