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Made by my beautiful prima #Manoosh❤️🌺😍
Tutorial Pulseira corrente com fita - YouTube
Hippie bracelet
Summer Zig Zag bracelet
IG : trimiss.materialgirl
Turquoise Rose Bracelet by BrightFloralJewelry
Instagram photo by @macrameknotts (Friendship Bracelets✨ •AD-UAE•) | Iconosquare https://instagram.com/p/5Zlr46kAHQ/
Purple skull bracelet skull tassel bracelet beaded by VonFrida
Have a good day dream xxxx
Never tell me the odds - Star Wars - Han Solo - by fromtheinternet
Go To The Degobah System - Star Wars - by fromtheinternet
Do or do not There is no try - Star Wars - Yoda - by fromtheinternet
If Something Chases You... Run - Jurassic World - by fromtheinternet
I Want To Believe - X-Files - by fromtheinternet
Just Look at the Flowers - Zombie - by fromtheinternet
Big Damn Heroes - Firefly - by fromtheinternet
You Can't Take the Sky From Me - Firefly - by fromtheinternet
Take Me Out To the Black - Firefly - by fromtheinternet
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