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Pink Lavender Wisteria Fuji Kanzashi 223 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Princess Pearl Comb | via Tumblr
White Sakura Cherry Blossom Bridal Kanzashi by JapaneseSilkFlowers
White Cherry Blossom Bridal Kanzashi Set by JapaneseSilkFlowers
pansexual revolutionary | via Tumblr
Sakura Cherry Blossom Tsumami Kanzashi 217 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Red and Ivory Tsumami Kanzashi 216 by JapaneseSilkFlowers on Etsy
Orange Sunset Hana Tsumami Kanzashi 215 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
A pretty pair of vintage 1960's Asian hair sticks / chopsticks with pink crystal appliques. The sticks are made of black plastic and the tops feature a pretty design created with pink square shaped crystal appliques. Lovely Japanese hair ornaments that wo
Canadian Flag Angel Black Hair Ornament | Zazzle
A rare vintage 1970's Japanese Geisha hair stick pin ornament made from beautifully carved abalone shell. The abalone shell has a beautiful iridescent sheen.
Flower Hair Ornament Purple Plastic Hair Clip by thejewelseeker