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Greek Goddess
Victorian Decorative Hair Comb Ornamental by thejewelseeker
Hair ornaments morocco
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Shippou Geisha anime girl - Izumi (Sachikara)
Magenta Blossoms with Bira-Bira 226 by JapaneseSilkFlowers on Etsy
Vivid Orange Blossoms with Bira-Bira 225 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Pink Lavender Wisteria Fuji Kanzashi 223 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Princess Pearl Comb | via Tumblr
White Sakura Cherry Blossom Bridal Kanzashi by JapaneseSilkFlowers
White Cherry Blossom Bridal Kanzashi Set by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Sakura Cherry Blossom Tsumami Kanzashi 217 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
Red and Ivory Tsumami Kanzashi 216 by JapaneseSilkFlowers on Etsy
Orange Sunset Hana Tsumami Kanzashi 215 by JapaneseSilkFlowers
A pretty pair of vintage 1960's Asian hair sticks / chopsticks with pink crystal appliques. The sticks are made of black plastic and the tops feature a pretty design created with pink square shaped crystal appliques. Lovely Japanese hair ornaments that wo
A rare vintage 1970's Japanese Geisha hair stick pin ornament made from beautifully carved abalone shell. The abalone shell has a beautiful iridescent sheen.
White Tatoos