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The Fighting Irish (@FightingIrish) | Twitter- Softball with Father Ted
righteous predecessors
Oh my Allah, please guide us to the straight path. ♥☺♥
Parenting.. what do you all think? Give me your opinions/input :)
Come to success
As Salam. Peace.  ✌
Dear God, gimme strength
Sabr. Have Faith in Allah.
A mother's guidance | via Facebook
God can take u from being dirty and chained up to being free and letting your light shine! He will guide you through your toughest times and will always help you! He loves you Agape (Unconditional)❤️❤️
🌠💓ThankYou All My Loved Ones, Alhamdulillah, AMEEN 💓🌠
🙏 He is all we need.
change :)
Know your child’s career potential. Improve their study habits. Set them on a path of  their right career. Early in life. Give them a head start.