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grandma knows what's up
Pin by Lucille Kerner on Art - Elderly | Pinterest
John Joans, Grandma's Kitchen. Acrylic on canvas, 16 in. x 20 in.
"Grandma's Hands" was the last major commission completed by Ernie Barnes. Singer-songwriter Bill Withers commissioned the work, inspired by his 1971 hit of the same name. Barnes wanted "people to look past the superficial into the real vulnerable parts o
Grandma and Mom Charm Bracelets Love These
Tophatter : Vintage Style Magnifying Pendant Long Necklace Gorge...
Beach Life
Mother's day
Forever alone.
Haters gonna hate
Flow is a Construct | via Tumblr
http://tophatter.com/lots/7226272?ref=245730  Tophatter : A little birdie told me.. 14ktg Plated Pair of Birds...
Ho ho ho
This Is Hell And Heaven | via Tumblr