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Rachels Graveyard - Dracula's Coffin Jewellery Box
Rachels Graveyard - S.O.P.H.I.E. lancaster foundation
Rachels Graveyard-Bat wing Skull Necklace
Rachels Graveyard-Skeleton Hand Cameo Neckalce
Rachels Graveyard-Anatomical Heart Cameo Neckalce
Rachels Graveyard-Vampire Bat Gem Necklace
Rachels Graveyard-Gothic Cross Necklace
Halloween yeah.
My sister :)
Rachels Graveyard-Anatomical Rib Cage Necklace
Rachels Graveyard-Anatomical Heart Necklace
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Rachels Graveyard - The Vampire Chronicles Necklace
Rachels Graveyard - Dark Poetry Necklace
Gothic Queen
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