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James dean 🌹
A History of Science Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece by George Sarton (1952)
I hope that this year on my birthday ,there could be a person I like who bring me a cake and hug . And say happy BDay sweety . If it came true then I won't regret about the passing four years . My golden age  ....
LEGENDARY Becall kissing Hudson, I do not own this photo
Anne Boleyn Ghost dress
Maria Bonita (La gran actríz mexicana:María Félix)
Marilyn Monroe, New York City, 1955, photo by Ed Feingersh
Lovely Lucy
Lucy and her chickens
Lucy cooking in the 1940s
Lucy in the meadow
Lucille Ball, 1930s
Lucille Ball, 1930s
1930s Lucy
karloop ring collection