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Golden age @ Amsterdam | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
James dean 🌹
A History of Science Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece by George Sarton (1952)
I hope that this year on my birthday ,there could be a person I like who bring me a cake and hug . And say happy BDay sweety . If it came true then I won't regret about the passing four years . My golden age  ....
LEGENDARY Becall kissing Hudson, I do not own this photo
Audrey Hepburn💕
Anne Boleyn Ghost dress
Maria Bonita (La gran actríz mexicana:María Félix)
Marilyn Monroe, New York City, 1955, photo by Ed Feingersh
Lovely Lucy
Lucy and her chickens
Lucy cooking in the 1940s
Lucy in the meadow
Lucille Ball, 1930s