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GOD is always in Control..
God Loves you
It's true. Seen the Lord and you will find. Ask with a pure heart. He loves you and always will. You a
You only need Gods approval 😄💖🌸💗🌟
God will open Your Heart to find more Love💗💞💖💓🌟
Love one another 💖🌸💗
Love casts fear out 💖🌸🌟💗✨
Call God. He will rescue you 🌸💖🌟
Don't feel sad, the Joy of God is your strength, look for Him and He will look after you 💖🌸🌟💗
You can have what you ask for If you follow Gods rules 💖🌸🌟
You are beautiful
Don't pay attention to wicked people💗 Stay in LOVE 💜💞💗
Seek for God. He will bless your life 💗💞💜💓✨🌟🌻🌺
Your Spirit is more important to God That money 💗💞💜💓🌺🌟
Beautiful Quotes Tumblr💜💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛❤❤❤
Evil people will perish in their own darkness
Do not laugh at your enemy fall, God will be displeased