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God is within her she will not fail
Lo importante es superar todo lo malo de nuestra vida ... Si ya se que es dificil y crean me dañarte tu misma no es la solucion y nunca lo sera , solo queda ser fuerte y si te sientes solo no olvides q dios siempre esta con tigo .. Te amo
God loves you ❤
Awesome verses
Closed mouth cant be fed... Ask!
God is all you need
God is all you need
I just love God and I want everyone to know! 💗
I need God. I will always need my lord. 💗
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God can help you change your life💗💞💜💓✨🌟💖💕
God can help you chance your life 💗💞💓💜💜✨🌟💖
God se es the Beautiful in YOU💗💞💜💓✨
God Loves You, he sacrificed Jesus for your sins to be gorgoteen 💗💜💞💞💓🌟💖
God Loves YOU 💗💓💞💜💜🌟✨💖🌈
Live in the PRESENT HAPPY 🌈😄💖💜💓💗💗🌟
Ese the Good in others, Forgive and forget💗💞💓💜🌟
Altas se the Good in others💗💞💓💜💖🌈
Be a LOVER of Goodness 💗💓💜💖 🌈