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مهمـا كبـر همـك الله أكبـر !
La cruz , no hay muestra de amor mas grande que ella. Pues Jesus se entregó por amor. Nos amo sabiendo que no lo merecíamos. Nos amo sin nosotros amarlo. Y eso para mi es mas que suficiente para amarlo y entregarme a el sin reservas ❤️☝️
This is your guide to true happiness
بشائر ٢
This warms my heart 💛😀
I don't need this to be a challenge #godisgreat
How great is our God 👼
2 Samuel 7:22
God is great! He always strengthens us when we are weak, and we can do ANYTHING through God🙏❤️ amen💘
allah is great
God is one
As we explore & discover the creations of our Lord, Allahu Akbar. Only He has the power to create such things.
و النعم بالله