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Waiting for the beautiful white snow ❄️💕
Love ♡♡♡
50s Vintage CHARMODE Pigskin
"MJ" glove😀
Fashion bone
(6) Tumblr
Me no own this .o.
Purple Gloves Fingerless Wrist Warmers by BellaHenryBoutique
Camo is sexy.. and so are her a$$ets!
I made the hat and fingerless gloves from sock yarn.
☮✿★ BubbleGuumm ✝☯★☮
Gloves Accessories Kids girl gloves For Kids
Once Upon a Time in Mexico - Robert Rodríguez (2003) El Mariachi: You want me to shoot the cook? Agent Sands: No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway. | via Tumblr
Alucard bein stylish