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My first paragliding ,sunshine and sea,such a relax.
You go
Free Fallin' ❤️
Thomas Robertson giving his seal of approval!
Smita Chikhal getting her groove on
Hang gliding!
Yahoo!!! Freedom!! Flying High! Im proud of my country Philippines!!!
Para Gliding Para Sailing In Boracay Island Philippines
Chris Miller giving us a big thumbs up!
Hang Glide USA would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter!  www.hangglidenow.com
Adventure Flights
On their way for one amazing aerial adventure!  http://www.hangglidenow.com/hang-gliding-lessons.html
Taruna Bajaj is ready to go!
Lisa Grear posing in front of our Airborne XT-912 Tundrapowered hang glider.
Larry Crumley and his grandson sharing a precious moment
Melissa Murphy is ready to roll