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"I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." SJP
Mendocino! Big River, Mendocino to the left, the Stanford Inn to the right. Hwy 1, right in the center. Aerial photography by Gisele Reaney Darcy | via Facebook
Fort Bragg, CA - Aerial photography by Gisele Reaney Darcy | via Facebook
runway | Tumblr
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"Are you holding back on me Grey? Mr. Captain of the water polo team is it the girls' team, because that's what you're running like. I could do thi… | Pinterest
backstage | Tumblr
International ELLE editors' favorite beauty products!
Gisele Bundchen #giselebundchen #Vogue #Paris | .Women We Love. | Pinterest
Gisele Bundchen Scores Dior Spring 2009
giselle bundchen hair - Buscar con Google | Hairstyles | Pinterest
Gisele Bündchen from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Pics
One of the few Gisele Bundchen street looks that I like. | Gisele | Pinterest
Google Image Result for http://api.ning.com/files/aQuuGwry0B2nopdkxIPIGQ0JxulO5Xl8OIsPSKrcTHBs46r*KumMRZiYZ*J8TJJ9VQbxwswYcCufZcQkCtXQgW7Y4nAo3HVD/… | Pinterest
Gisele Bundchen in Harper’s Bazaar May 1999 by Terry Richardson | portraits | Pinterest