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Lilac Geode
Minerals & Gems
Pinterest/sodalite Mont Saint Hilaire Canada glowing orange in Longwave ultraviolet light.
Pin by Steve Cantiello on minerals | Pinterest/ILVAITE
Quartz with Fluorite | minerals | Pinterest
Pin by Monty on crystals and elementals | Pinterest/Heliodor or yellow Beryl
Pin by Steve Cantiello on minerals | Pinterest/yellow sphalerite from New York
Pin by Steve Cantiello on minerals | Pinterest/Scalenohedral rhodochrosite on black manganese matrix. From Uchucchacua Mine, Province de Oyon, Peru
Pin by Steve Cantiello on minerals | Pinterest/Anatase. Collection and photo Giuseppe Finello
FMF Minerals Gallery/Magnetite
FMF Minerals Gallery/Magnetite, pyrite Brosso Mine, Cálea, Léssolo, Canavese District, Torino Province, Piedmont, Italy
FMF Minerals Gallery/Magnetite Crystal – dodecahedral Huanggang mine, Hexigten Banner, Ulanhad League, Inner Mongolia, China.
FMF Minerals Gallery/Uvite. Mong Hsu, Shan State, Burma.
FMF Minerals Gallery/Uvite Pierrepont, St. Lawrence County, New York, USA
FMF Minerals Gallery/monazite
mineral general info/Alleghanyite
mineral general info/ Blueish-grey massive athabascaite with umangite and tyrrelite Origin: Eagle Claims, Beaverlodge Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
mineral general info/Apuanite
mineral general info/Allactite