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Alan Garner.
Image - Elektra & Daredevil (by Greg Horn).jpg - Marvel Comics Database
We can't breathe.
Smh we all know which picture.
Stop Police Brutality Protest in Hollywood. (12/13/14) | via Tumblr
Cute couple
love is a serious mental disease | via Tumblr
I CAN'T BREATHE Justice for Eric Garner
from a closet in norway | via Tumblr
SSensee | via Tumblr
Men, Women & Children
LeBron James protesting the recent decision not to indict the police officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner
"Let That Sink In (I Can't Breathe) " T-Shirts & Hoodies by sayers | Redbubble
"YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE BLACK (I CAN'T BREATHE)" T-Shirts & Hoodies by sayers | Redbubble