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We got new garbage cans at our workplace. They kind of look like this one. I'm really glad that they got new ones, because the old ones were really ugly and some of them were starting to smell.
Shirley Manson
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Garbage sea... :(
Haha, it would be no surprise if my name was SUPER FABALICIOUS!
Don't trash it
I think garbage disposal is a really important part of owning a home, but not one we usually think a lot about. It's kind of amazing how much garbage that we actually create. It's a good thing we have garbage trucks and disposal systems.
Diane Keaton
I see no difference
I want candy....
One third of all food around the globe is thrown away, according to a new report. Researchers estimate that we toss 32 million metric tons of food waste into landfills every year, a practice that's costing governments US$1.5 billion annually. http://www.p
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