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Joey and chandler
Phoebe's song for chandler's wedding
When you remember you have homework 😒😞
These guys are just 👌😍😘
Someone tell me what they're looking at!!
Judge all you want but...
The quiet down thing... 😂😂 | via Tumblr
Flash 🔙 to the Halloween party! I mean it is Halloween week!
friends | via Tumblr
PIVOTTTTT!! 😂😂 | via Tumblr
Wait.. someone tell me why they're clapping to us 😍😘😭💞 | via Tumblr
OMG Joey's face 😂😂 | via Tumblr
They are too cute 😘💞
They even had a chick and a duck together.. that's pure bromance 💖💞
His laugh 😍😘 | via Tumblr
My OTP are so cute ❤️❤️
Love this too much ❤️❤️