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We just posted a brand new episode of Dream Tour featuring Kenneth Nixon and Jonathan Stoye, from the rock band, Framing Hanley (Imagen Records), sharing who they would put on their dream tours. You should go watch the video at http://digtb.us/framingdrea
Video! http://digtb.us/framingtips
Framing Hanley
Framing Hanley
Framing Hanley
Faming Hanley
Framing Hanley
Count Me In by Framing Hanley
Video! http://digtb.us/FRAMINGHANLEY
Don't Leave Me Alone in this Bed (Capeside)
-Framing Hanley-
Nixon front man to Framing Hanley
"Life tastes bitter when you eat with your hands" - Count Me In ❤️
-Framing Hanley-
Bands Saved Me
framing hanley