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Slowly one by one On the infinite meadows of heaven blossomed the lovely stars; The forget-me-nots of the Angels | via Facebook
Forget-Me-Nots of Love by Audrey McDaniel gift book in original box (1964)
Necklace pendant made with real blue forget me not flowers
Blue flower earrings, green fern earrings
Coloured anchor
flowers | Tumblr
Rose tattoo, pawdaw4n.tumblr.com
Quiet Day...                      @kendrasmiles4u
Need You Now...              @kendrasmiles4u
Don't forget me...              @kendrasmiles4u
Forget-me-Not...               @kendrasmiles4u
Blue flower band ring
Hand painted forget me not box
https://www.etsy.com/shop/RuthBlazeyJewellery | via Facebook
Forget-me-nots Tattoo
(100+) Likes | Tumblr
(100+) Likes | Tumblr
Forget me nots