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"I wanted to try the photobomb thing...😚💜"
"Going red with @vanessahudgens...this is how we do.❤"
selena gomez photoshoot 2015 - Buscar con Google
"Rp @lilycollins💚 So glad being with all my girls.☺💛"
met gala, may 4th '15
"La Familia. This year on tour.🙈💗"
"Princess Minnie G.🙈😚💛"
"While we were cruisin' down the city.. we own it.💜"
"Always with ma doggie.🙈💛"
selena gomez photoshoot
"Vera Wang! Felt like a princess yet again.☺"
"Today's the big day..my favourite people gettin' me ready!❤😚💋"
I cant even!! 😂😂😂
queen Flawless
my man