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Beach picnic: tea from a thermos flask with a slice of home made date and nut cake on a shingle seat.
Take Me To The Beach Flask from Zazzle.com
Obvious - Rot Gut Flask from Zazzle.com
Theatre Bizarre Embalming Fluid Flask
Poison Flask
Drink Me Flask
Hollow Book Safe and Hip Flask -The Count of Monte by HollowBookCo
Hollow Book Safe - The Lost World
Hollow Book Safe - The Lost World
Custom Women's Flask Great for Brides by BlueSuedeStitches on Etsy
Bettie Page™ Modern Vixen Flask
Bettie Page™ School for Wayward Girls and Women Flask
Vintage Hollow Book Safe - War and Peace  (Leather bound)
Pope Francis Peace Commitment Flasks from Zazzle.com
My Flask- 6oz or 8oz Engraved Flask by DrinkingBuddy on Etsy
jack DanieLs
Mitch O'Connell (MO'C) Devil's Brew Flask
Therapy Flask
Zombie Lounge Flask