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Bike tattoo
This is for thrill of the ride, the purity in ONE gear👌 riding with death chasing but always being faster than it ✌🚴 (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
She's a beautiful mess, a hidden masterpiece. An enigma in a dress, goddess to the word flattery 😍 (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Fire And Ice (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Every piece of art is a miracle, because creativity takes courage (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Wars involve men following orders without question and children asking why without answers 👪 (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Shelter your smile from the world, because happiness is a bubble reality tries to pop 🙊 (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Hold on to your dreams, let them float you away. (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
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Modern Day Love 😜 (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
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For The Big Kids In us all (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
We All Have A Playful Side (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
The Prettiest Smiles Hide the Darkest secrets (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Warrior Depiction (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
 Bikes and rock (ig: self.motivated.dreams
'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
Breaking Graff (ig: self.motivated.dreams)
courage. compassion. grace. fortitude. | via Tumblr