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Fitness couples <3  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Ladies, are you playing with dumbbells ?  http://launch.gymaholic.co
It never ends !  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Nothing can stop me ! http://launch.gymaholic.co
Rest day ?  Ain't nobody got time for that !  http://launch.gymaholic.co
my love, my husband :)
Hard work makes the great !  http://launch.gymaholic.co
RESILIENCE. | via Tumblr
Let the gains begin ! http://launch.gymaholic.co
It's you versus yourself, nothing else matters.  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Do not let people tell you who you are.  http://launch.gymaholic.co
They don't understand us !  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Pain, stop fearing it and welcome it with open arms.  http://launch.gymaholic.co
You can't please everyone, and you can't make everybody like you.  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Ah ...  Well, I'm not sure this gonna work between us.  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Alive, or just breathing? | via Tumblr
Guys, girls like shaped ass !  Is that true ?  http://launch.gymaholic.co
Alive, or just breathing? : Photo | via Tumblr
Alive, or just breathing? : Photo | via Tumblr
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