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Fili & Kili on the Iron Throne <3
Fíli's warhammer
Fili, Hobbit
'Fíli, don't be a fool. You belong with the company' 'I belong with my brother' | via Tumblr
Fili and Kili
My Edit The Hobbit
Pillowfightin' by LittleWerewolfX3 on DeviantArt
then and now by PabutteGO
Size doesn't matter, but love does by Eliosu
the heirs of durin by PabutteGO
(1) Pin von caerulea auf „middle earth“ | Pinterest
Rip 🙏
▶ Thorin, Fili, Kili ● I only live in your memories [bofa spoilers] - YouTube
Aidan and dean meet fili and kili
Imágenes | El Anillo Único