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Link of this look up on my blog: http://themysteriousgirl.ro/2014/10/pale-pink-coat/
Black Faun | Belle Rouge
Of The Night | ✞ GRAY LAVENDER ✞
☾♡Teenage Dirtbag♡☽ | via Tumblr
Chelsea Den: Drive Darling
Hijabista Iris | via Facebook
Hijabista Iris | via Facebook
Link of this look up on my blog: http://themysteriousgirl.ro/2014/10/black-lace/
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Walking with Manolos
COZY IN KNITWEAR - Purely Me by Denina Martin
The camel cape
blue 👌
Q U I C K F I T S: Denim x Red  | Dra. Fashionista
Kate Spade NY ✨