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Wow. Just wow.
I remember paper clip dude😱
If you get this, you are awesome.👍
Lol I love it when he says this
Aww this is the best FG comic. 😄
Family Guy is racist. 😑
I care
Oh dat skill tho XD 😂
I don't blame him, I used to have a pet rock. 🐮
So true, so true 👍
Peter is the reason I'm happy every day. ✌️
Wtf megs is normal 😂lol
Anyone else say this is Cleveland's voice? 😂🐮👆
Haha I wish I did this when I was a toddler😂😂
When I watched the Surfin' Bird episodes, I couldn't get the song out of my head for weeks🏄🐔
Haha 😝😂😂