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My cat already likes the new cosette Choker. Www.etsy.com/shop/stylerehabinc. 😄💕💕💕
Custom original illustrations by Pinodesk on etsy
Retro Inspired Eyewear at www.gardensofbutterflies.com👽
Cute bikini by akira-swimwear
Sunnies now available at gardensofbutterflies.com😉
Light green turban headband turban hairband taper by HandmadeTrend
New Arrivals at www.gardensofbutterflies.com🎀
Malibu Lolita's at www.gardensofbutterflies.com
Get them at www.gardensofbutterflies.com👽
topofthetops (etsy)
Sterling Bracelet Handcrafted Pink Faceted by JewelryArtistry
Vintage Inspired Sunnies from www.gardensofbutterflies.com🐼
Chunky necklace "Bianca" now available on my etsy
Jet black adjustable ring antique silver base gothic by VaeNox
Sapphire blue adjustable ring antique silver base by VaeNox
Ruby red adjustable ring antique silver base gothic by VaeNox
CHOOSE YOUR COLOR Simple teardrop glass jewel earrings by VaeNox
Embellished eyewear from Gardensofbutterflies.com
Get them at www.gardensofbutterflies.com💥