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70s Striped Cotton Summer Dress / Summer Dresses / by aiseirigh
Designer Vintage 90s Black Crushed Velvet Betsey by aiseirigh
Vintage Suede and Leather NOS Deadstock Children's by aiseirigh
White Lace Off The Shoulder Short BodyCon Western by aiseirigh
Vintage 60s Cotton Bathingsuit Romper in Citrus Color by aiseirigh
50s Cotton Sweetheart Gathered Optic Graphic Gingham by aiseirigh
Black 1970s Floral Sheer Sleeve Dress / 70s Dress / by aiseirigh
Vintage Abstract Neutral Dress with Dolman Sleeve / by aiseirigh
Vintage Summer Striped Dress with Avant Garde by aiseirigh on Etsy
Blue Vintage Linen 60s Dress with Pink Rose by aiseirigh on Etsy
Black 40s Wool Wiggle Dress with Copper Bow Detail / by aiseirigh
Vintage Ralph Lauren Blue and Coral Cotton Long by aiseirigh
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Graphic Vintage Black and White Striped Galaxy Cosmic by aiseirigh
Mod 60s Mini Daisy Floral Tent Dress / Mod Dresses / by aiseirigh
Vintage 70s Dusty Rose Floral Prairie Skirt with by aiseirigh
Vintage 80s Pleated Harlequin Diamond Neon Multi by aiseirigh
Butterfly Vintage Pink Floral Kitten Print Novelty by aiseirigh
Vintage Floral Denim White Jean Shorts / Soft Grunge by aiseirigh
50s Black Novelty Circle Skirt with Neon Village by aiseirigh