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My new guitar :)
My guitars.
Epiphone Casino
Noel Gallagher's "Supernova"
es335 replica
Epiphone Les Paul Standard II,All The Soft Stars That Shine : Photo | via Tumblr
Playing Blues
Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul RM2700 @GooGuitars +62 812 8786 2650
My Les Paul
My guitar <3
This cherry Rivera Epiphone guitar  was used by Tom Petty in the recording of the 1996 LP "She's the One". - Miami - 4.19.2014
Me - Music = 😵
epiphone les paul traditional pro
Noel Gallagher - 1995
The Epiphone Les Paul Review – One of the Coolest Guitars at a Price You’ll Love
My love♥
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