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love changes everything.
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Merry fuckin' christmas 🎅
Happy birthday
Omg. Stop making fun of me I don't look THAT bad. Whatever Im still going to be a Stan
$my name is Slim shady, I'm back, I'm back.$
Eminem by Stan*-*Neenah (======my name is actually Stan*-*Neenah not Neenah*-*Stan. Lol I so messed up on the last couple of pics. I'll be posting even more in a couple of mins.
Eminem by Stan*-*Neenah
Eminem by Neenah*-*Stan
Eminem by Neenah*-*Stan (=======follow my collection. A collection for all Stans and Eminem fans.
Eminem by Neenah*-*Stan
Don't we all love Paul? *puts on Paul skit* Neenah*-*Stan
I still haven't figured out what's under that blurred spot. Lol. Eminem. By Neenah*-*Stan
Eminem original by Neenah*-*Stan