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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, they're perfect
Amazing Spider-man 2 Bts 💕
they're so cute! i wish they could get married s o o n.
😻😪 Awww
Andrew taking pictures of Emma.
The constant hand-holding.
Their disappointment because they weren’t sitting next to each other. Plus Andrew like a puppy holding Emma’s arm/hand because he doesn’t want to let her go. Plus Jamie Foxx offering to switch places with Emma.
Andrew super proud that Emma never had a one-night stand.
They’re so cute they make other people uncomfortable.
Andrew being a human shield and walking in front of Emma so the paparazzis will photograph him instead of her.
the way they look at each other  | via Tumblr
the way he looks at her | via Tumblr
You are my forever... 😘
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