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xiumin-luhan_Credit: Peach, Pitch. | via Tumblr
Look how Luhan got Tao . They're just so cute :) | via Facebook
Xiumin _ Luhan - Credit: Little Prince. | via Tumblr
© / Happy Birthday Minseok ^.^ | via Tumblr
Inheritance Cycle ACEO: Saphira by FallenZephyr on deviantART
hes so pretty. i cant.
Alagaesia <3
sanity...with xuihan | via Tumblr
let me protect you, let me be your healer and saver
sisters <3
leader problem,, eldest problem  PMSL
Kim Minseok
Oh my...... 😱😍😍😍😍
Sexy baby Xiu
My Baby ❤️
God, he's so freaking cute 😭😭😭
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