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Ambrosia Model | Residential Suite - AzaleaGardens
Dayspring Model | Residential Suite - AzaleaGardens
At Maids Agency, we offer a variety of natural and unique Elderly care alternatives, independently designed to give you for your valuable family members just the right amount of help when it's needed most.
In 10 years Hong Kong’s elderly community has grown more than 26% and is only expected to increase with the aging ‘baby-boomer’ population. #canyouhearus
Interesting in how you can help? LSTN headphone as well as #canyouhearus helps with hearing issues. Let's rally to help: http://www.phatrice.com/canyouhearus #hearingloss #deaf #hongkong
Sì era capito che erano degli attori
Someone Give Channing Tatum His Badge For Assisting The Elderly - MTV
Every ear is unique. Show us your's and support the hard of hearing elderly in Hong Kong. Take a picture. Tag some friends and @phatricegoods. Help change a life. Find out more here: phatrice.com/canyouhearus  #canyouhearus
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75 Years Of Relationship
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