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Paris 💋
Eiffeltower ✔️
Eiffel Tower by the Seine river, Paris, May 2014
Interior of the Altitude 95 restaurant in the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower as seen from Rue de Monttessuy in the 7th arrondissement
Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day
Replica at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Nevada, United States
Visitors queuing to enter the Tower
Number of visitors per year between 1889 and 2004
Panorama of Paris and suburbs from the third floor of the Eiffel Tower
Looking upwards from the base of the tower at night
The Eiffel Tower from below
American soldiers watch the French flag flying on the Eiffel Tower, ca. 25 August 1944
Illumination of the tower at night during the Exposition
The Otis lifts originally fitted in the north and south legs
15 March 1889: Construction of cupola
26 December 1888: Construction of upper stage
21 August 1888: Completion to 2nd level