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This Might Hurt
Attempting to Get Some Pictures for Christmas Cards, I Got This One Instead.
My Cat Was Enjoying Sounds the Camera Flash Makes, when Suddenly
Will You Finish Peeing Already????? You Must Pet Me!
Coming Home to See Admiral Special Snowflake Sleep is One of the Best Parts of the Day!
This is My Amazing Dog! She Got Attacked by a Macaw and Now Has One Eye .)
Twix Claimed the Dollhouse.
Probably the Best Photo I
Traveled 700 Miles to Pick Up Our New Puppy. This is How We Got Her Back Home on the Train.
Meet Tai. the Coolest Blind Ginger Kitty I Know.
This is Roo.  Hates Leashes, Loves the Woods.
An Orphaned Fawn Napping in the Sun
Tell Him to Go Away
We All Need Baby Seals from Time to Time
Overdose of
This Makes Me Smile
Five Minutes in This Snow and My Dog Reverted to a Wolf State and Dug a Den Under Our Deck.