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This Guy Was Abandoned by a Bill Evading Dick Wad. Looking for His Forever Home.
Little Guy Dozed off After Playing with His Favourite Ball.
He Sits Here All Day Waiting for Us to Turn the Water On.
I Iz Present?
E-Cute, Meet Our New Kitten Ara!
Little Cats
Camel, the Deaf and Mute Cat. I Love Her So Much. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
This is Oscar. He Has a Problem
Sleeping Between Her Mom and Dad
Apparently My Car Was the Talk of the Turkeys This Morning.
Meet Buddy
I Moved to Victoria Bc Today, Met These Guys at the First Dock I Walked to :)
Ever Seen a Pair of These Before? Baby Fennec Foxes.
In Memory of This Pretty Girl Pippin
Learning to Eat Just Like Mom.
She Couldn
Me and My Old Cat, Whiskas. He Looks Huge.