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Today Marks 1 Year Since I Lost My Best Friend Friend of 19 Years and It Still Hurts! I Miss You Jasmine!
He Loves to Smile!
My Hamster Smokey: She Survived a Huge Fire in a Pet Shop Followed by a Night
Rose is Going Shopping
For My Cakeday, I Present: My Two Best Childhood Playmates!
Mini-me when She Was 4 Weeks Old :)
Oh, Did You Need This?
Baby Tapirs Are My Favourite Kind of Tapirs.
The Tobermory Cat, from Scotland, the Chillest Cat I Have Ever Seen!
Found a Picture of Lola
I Always Feel Like My Roommate
Sorry, but Did I Hear It Was Dinner Time?!?!?
Milo and Ottis? They Were Slapping Each Other on My Lap.
What Do You Have There?!
Yeah I
Trying to Crack the P****word!
Just a Cat with Green Eyes
A Friend Was Cat Sitting This Beautiful Girl This Weekend. Meet Plume.
Goodbye My Beautiful Boy :(