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ليميتد اديشن =  Limited edition 💋
Marina walk Dxb 🌃💕
Invest in yourself first. Expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything. 🌹استثمر في نفسك اولا، لا تتوقع شيئا من اي شخص، وكن على استعداد للعمل من اجل كل شيء.
Emirates A380 Debut & VIP Tour at SFO | chelseapearl.com - YouTube
IG @starlightgems
Overlooking Dubai Marina.. Such a great view from La Clinique-ME..
Dubai ❤️
LIGHT thinks it travels faster than anything, but its wrong. No matter how fast the light travels, it always finds the DARKNESS first and is waiting for the light.
Miracle Garden
#browneye ppl who has brown eye r d straight shooter & honest to d point who aren't used to open topics. "its better to be honest hater than being a fake lover in people eyes". faithful to frnds bt allow oly few in their circle & in tht few loves few & se
Emirates Airline 777
The UAE Desert near dubai