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dramione :3
Твиттер / Поиск - #dramione
Твиттер / Поиск - #dramione
@kairiskywalker_ that's the nickname! I'm a fangirl, musician and I love writing and translating fanfictions!
Dark mark by CaptBexx
Astronomy Tower by CaptBexx
Choose your side by CaptBexx
Valentine's Night by CaptBexx
Morning After by CaptBexx
Dramione ❤️
Dramione 😍
Twitter: @dystopicsoul
Tom and Emma / eleven years
hogwarts crest | Tumblr
La flamme qui brille deux fois plus fort se consume deux fois plus vite
Hogwarts during the school year, Camp Half-Blood during the summer | via Facebook
El Misterio del Tres
Dramione harts | Pinterest
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