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It's my photo, I do it. Please don't steal
My art
Santa Tell me 💕
Obvious who won then... hahahaa 😆
Beside you :D
It's beyond me
Remembering Sunday
My photo aw 💕
Original pic of me and my dog
Had heaps of this today
Just made a new fan account on instagram! Go follow: ashtons_pleasure
Ayee banana ballerina hazza💓 DONT STEAL OR TAKE WATERMARK OFF
So here's my luke fan art, luke was actually the one i did first and I'm very proud of what turned up. If you'd like to make something like this, there's a v v v cool app called brushes and its free! Please dont take off my water mark and give me credit i
So I was on tumblr and saw fan art, and I wanted to challenge myself to see if i could make some cool fan art. This is what happened. Please do not take the water mark off and do not say it is yours because I worked very hard on this. If you'd like to pos
sad sad girl
Yes i am sad.