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Delena | via Tumblr
Delena 4 ever
Pictures in my pocket Are faded from the washer
I don't reply, you know the reason why  Maybe you shouldn't come back
See you calling again I don't wanna pick up, I've been laying in bed
Cause you are never gonna take the blame anyway
Now I'm taking back my life today Nothing left that you can say
A little girl grew up too fast All it took was once, I'll never be the same
There's a part of me I can't get back
I'm a survivor In more ways than you know
I've got shame, I've got scars That I will never show
You can save your apologies, you're nothing but a liar
Out of the ashes, I'm burning like a fire
And you can never hurt me again
And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in
Now I'm a warrior. Now I've got thicker skin
So ashamed, so confused I was broken and bruised
I wear like a battle wound