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A Man Is Dating Three Women And Wants To Decide Which To Marry. This Is Perfect.
This Is An Actual Job Application Submitted To A McDonald’s In Florida. And They Hired Him For His Honesty!
Art from California School for the Deaf Fremont a
Woman Visits A Doctor For Help With Her Husband’s Libido. This Is Awesome.
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Three Women Challenged Him To A Very Naughty Bet. And It’s Perfect.
Father Attempts To Teach His Son An Important Life Lesson. This Is Perfect.
Man Gets Approached By An Attractive Lady In The Supermarket. Then Makes A Mistake.
FunSubstance - It's so fun, I can't even
Husband Tries To Offer Up His Own Wife. But He Didn’t Expect This.
Young Boy Secretly Catches Mom’s Lover. But No One Expected Him To Do This.
Priest Is Shocked When He Hears This Horrifying Confession In His Church.
Very first listenning