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element of crime
unable to follow your games
so i will fight the stranger
I wonder if the three of us would've been friends in real life | Quotes and Movies
What's wrong with you let me think about it | Quotes and Movies
He says the train's lost | Quotes and Movies
The Darjeeling Limited iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 5c and by HardAndFast
The darjeeling limited | via Tumblr
This case is specifically designed for use with the iPhone 4/4S/5 models, with openings for all the buttons and the camera, and work with those particular models on any network (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) 1) Made from durable polycarbonate plastic. 2) Two diffe
The Darjeeling Limited
iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / Samsung S2 / Samsung S3 / Samsung S4 Case Cover
The Darjeeling Limited
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But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
 ❘❙❚❙❘❘❙❚❙❘  | via Tumblr