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Brunch at Lido Cafe Vejle
Hvis du søger efter bryllup leverancer og bryllup gaver så, er du på rette sted.
@dittepip on Instagram: “More pictures of my @royalcopenhagen nails are finally on the blog 💠💠💠 link is in bio 👆”
@dittepip on Instagram: “New post is up on the blog and a new #manimatchingdress ! I am in love with this dress I found at the thrift shop the other day 👗👗👗 link…”
@dittepip on Instagram: “New post on the blog - today it's a "how to" on reverse stamping 🐛 link is in bio 👆”
Wonderful dream came true
@dittepip on Instagram: “Decided to do some birthday nails for no reason 😛 so if it's your birthday, this is for you! Happy birthday 👏🎉🎈🎁”
@dittepip on Instagram: “New post is up on the blog - it's a new #manimatchingdress (yes I just invented my very own hashtag - because I'm cool like that 😎)…”
The beautiful sea🌊
@dittepip on Instagram: “Happy Pi day! And yes I actually baked a pie just for the pun, so you better laugh. it's blueberry pie btw. 🎂”
@dittepip on Instagram: “@taylorswift ❤️ Remember how 13-year-old me used to lay on the floor and listen to "Tim McGraw" over and over - now she's up there…”
@dittepip on Instagram: “New blogpost - link is in bio 👆this time I'm sharing some tips about stamping + #manimatchingdress (and showing of an AH-MAZING yellow…”
Astrid Skibsted
@dittepip on Instagram: “Just saw @disney 's @bighero6 and I absolutely loved it! So here is a Baymax inspired mani - tutorial will be up in a minute 👌👌👌”
Nu introducerer vi helt nye gaveæsker med de bedste produkter, og du kan bla. designe sin egen gaveæske! Find dem på www.LingrenCosmetics.dk#Lingren #Sund #Makeup #gaveæsker #New #Introducing #Aarhus #KBH #Danmark #Love #Eyeshadow #Øjenskygge