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Dan gyokuei(Dan gyokuei) Levi Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay
Touché~ -via Facebook
Kuro no Mori E by Dan-Gyokuei on deviantART
I love them so badly~...Cosplayer: Dan Gyokuei, Zing Ruby -via Facebook
They're cosplayers from Hanoi, VietNam....both are girls if ya ask...idk which manga/anime they are...sorry... -via their facebook fanpages
Summer Love by Dan Gyokuei & Zing Ruby
KAITO (KAITO)(VOCALOID) | Dan gyokuei - WorldCosplay
Dan Gyokuei
Dan-Gyokuei's deviantART Gallery
Sweet Pool_The Chiral Night by ~Dan-Gyokuei
White magnet_tenderness by ~Dan-Gyokuei
28.01.Happy Birthday Shizu chan by ~Dan-Gyokuei
August Bride_waiting for u to come by ~Dan-Gyokuei
Cardcaptor Sakura_haru yo koi by ~Dan-Gyokuei
Dan Gyokuei
[BBG] Cardcaptor Sakura
[BBG] Cardcaptor Sakura