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Coconut oil treatment came out awesome tho
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We all love basking in the #summer sun but the heat can take a toll on your hair. We've got you covered with 7 tips for repairing summer-damaged hair on the #MadisonReed blog! #TipTuesday #haircare
SILK hair treatment advanced formula repairs and renews dry, damaged hair. It nourishes hair with an intense dose of therapeutic ingredients, strengthening and moisturizing hair fibers. Price is 57$ mail us on rablononline@gmail.com
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cheveux dégradé
For real though!
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Rare Elements, EL TREATMENT - Replenish and Repair dry, damaged and color treated hair. All Natural Pre-Shampoo deep conditioning hair and scalp serum. | Rare Elements Hair Collection
Haw patience , it takes time ladies!
Danaged hair resolution